Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Maintenance and upgrades, 2017

General - Monthly wash-down, and bottom cleaning. Quarterly clean and wax by Slippery When Wet.

22 March - 9 May.  Alizee at Olsen Marine's boatyard in Fort Myers Beach for a variety of work, some small and some large.  Work completed on Invoice #148 included:

     Haul and relaunch

     Pressure wash, scrap and sand bottom, paint with Pettit Ultima Pro SR (red)

     Remove and replace shaft and hull zincs
     Replaced broken dog latches
     Repaired cap on emergency bilge pump
     Installed new propane regulator and gauge and sealed propane locker where line goes to 
     Removed and rebedded three port lights
     Installed new seals on all port lights
     Removed and replaced ST 60 instruments
     Removed and replaced spacer tabs (custom teak) on swim ladder
     Repaired glass damage on forward edge of anchor locker
     Serviced three winches
     Installed new 8 gps Shaffer bilge pump
     Cleaned and resealed mast and installed rubber boot
     Replaced reefing line

     Thoroughly cleaned bilge and discovered small crack in               shaft log
     Removed prop, stuffing box and shaft, shaft log and tube
     Repaired crack in shaft log
     Cleaned and repacked stuffing box
     Reinstalled shaft and stuffing box, and installed and new             cutlass bearing 


In photo on right, you can see a drip of water coming from the crack in the shaft log.

Left shows the repair.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Maintenance and upgrades, 2016

General - Monthly wash-down, bottom cleaning and water-maker flushing.

Jan 20-22 - Prepare boat for five day trip.  Everything in good shape except fresh water pump, which I discovered running continuously but pumping no to little water.  Could only shut off at electrical panel.  The pump is a Jabsco Par Max 3.5, model #3260-00092.  West Marine did not have one ins stock and said it was special order and would take at least a week.  At Amazon I found one available for overnight delivery via Amazon Prime, which delivered on 22 January.  Installed it.  Cleaned out strainer on shower sump pump.

Early March - I found and patched a leak in the dinghy, and figured a way to secure her on the davits so that straps did not rub against the tubes.

22 Mar - The dinghy seems to be losing air again.  I tested it and found a tiny leak where I'd patched it, so that needs to be fixed.  We also noticed bad chafing on the topping lift and decided it was time to replace some of our running rigging and check out the standing rigging.  A good time as well to fix the wind indicators at mast top.

26 Mar - Met Ray Bradford, South Coast Rigging in Punta Gorda, at Alizee, and we agreed to do some line replacement, fix the wind indicators, put up some mast-top spikes to deter the Ospreys from landing there, and he inspected the upper portion of the back stay.  It had a lot of rust, and I agreed to have him replace it.

9 Apr and Apr 12 - Ray Bradford installed new running rigging: main halyard (1/2" sta set), boom vang (7/16" sta set), stay sail sheets (1/2" sta set), traveler lines (1/2" sta set), and flag halyards (1/4" sta set white). Replaced Raymarine wind instrument with refurbished one, and used new wind indicator, which I supplied from an on-line purchase.

6 May - Replaced upper portion of the back stay with 5/16 1 X 19 wire, 5/16 marine eyes swage fittings, and rotary swaging.  Invoice 033119T, 9 May 2016.

30 Aug - Replaced UV cover on Genoa at Sail Repair Fort Myers.

12 Nov - Replaced 2008 Walker Bay Genesis inflatable boat with new Walker Bay 270 SLR inflatable. Not as fancy, but lighter and perfect for the sort of coastal sailing we're doing now. Purchased at Inflatable Boats of Florida, Naples.

2 Dec - Replaced 150' 5/16" G4 anchor chain with 125' 5/16" G4 chain.  Replaced West Marine Group 31 batteries -- installed by Sailor's Wharf in July 2013 -- with X2 Power, Group 31M, deep cycle, dual purpose batteries from Batteries Plus.
     Finally discovered our long-time battery problem.  When Sailor's Wharf replaced the batteries in 2013, they reattached the sensor wire that originally connected to the two house batteries to the start battery.  I discovered the problem when looking at a photograph of the original battery configuration from 2010.  So, we'd been reading the battery monitor not realizing it was showing inaccurate data.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maintenance and upgrades, 2015 ...

General - Monthly wash-down, bottom cleaning and watermaker flushing.

Jan 2 - Wash and wax hull and deck, polish stainless, clean canvas.  Slippery When Wet (Denise Stanco).

Apr 7 -  Wash and wax hull and deck, polish stainless, clean canvas.  Slippery When Wet (Denise Stanco).

Mar 30 - On Sunday, March 29, ignition key did not turn starter nor warning signal.  Friend Hermann Schaller joined me the next morning to troubleshoot the electrical problem.  We traced all wires and battery connections and found voltage everywhere, except the ignition switch.  In the process, we discovered that the coolant in the cooling system had leaked out of the heat exchanger and down on to the starter under it.  So much corrosion had occurred that we could not reach the start to check the voltage.  It also appeared that there might be a pinhole leak in the exhaust elbow, as lampblack was all over that side of the engine. I decided that we should stop, and I would get a Yanmar mechanic to come out to investigate, assuming hoses had leaked or worse the heat exchanger had cracked.

Apr 7-8  - Smitty (Smith's Marine Service, Punta Gorda) came out and looked at the problem and said he could pull out the heat exchanger and starter the next day and we could assess the problem.  I met him at the boat the next morning and he went to work.  The result was that the coolant had indeed destroyed the starter and solenoid, the brass plate on the back of the heat exchanger was cracked, and it appeared that a loose connection had sent stray voltage through wiring harness and the main cable to the starter had actually started melting, which had caused the lampblack problem.  It was clearly close to starting a fire.  Because we had not taken Alizee out since the end of October, and I had only run the engine once for just a few minutes in February, we surmised the coolant leaking began in October and was really aggravated in February.  Anyway, Smitty took all the starter, heat exchanger, alternator and voltage regulator to see what might be salvaged and what had to be replaced.
                          Heat exchanger (left) and starter (right).

Corrosion and lampblack.            Below: heat exchanger.

Apr 10-May 8 - Smitty worked on the repairs and waited on Yanmar to deliver parts from Japan (which took over two weeks).  In the end he completed the following work: He checked the condition of  the seawater leak at the heat exchanger and the starter, removed the heat exchanger and elbow, removed the starter and associated burned wiring, removed the alternator and regulator for testing, removed the seawater pump for evaluation.  The starter, heat exchanger and voltage rgulator all needed replacing.  The shaft in the seawater pump was badly pitted, and we decided to replace it as well.  Installed a new starter, heat exchanger, voltage regulator, and seawater pump, all with new hoses, including the exhaust hose. Replaced the engine wire harness and modified it as required for the Balmar alternator (getting the Yanmar harness held up everything).  Installed a new thermostat and gasket.  Lifted the engine as required to gain access to the seawater pump.  Cleaned and painted engine components at the boat.  Repaired battery cable end at the starter, replenished coolant, test ran engine, checked all above components, re-tightened clamps, and topped up coolant.  Invoice #255 dated 5/13/2015.

Apr 7 -  Wash and wax hull and deck, polish stainless, clean canvas.  Slippery When Wet (Denise Stanco).

July 1 -  Wash and wax hull and deck, polish stainless, clean canvas.  Slippery When Wet (Denise Stanco).

Oct 16 - Wash and wax hull and deck, polish stainless, clean canvas.  Slippery When Wet (Denise Stanco).

Dec 7-19 - Spent four or five days on Alizee cleaning inside and out in preparation for our Christmas week cruise. Found and patched a leak in the dinghy, defrosted the refrigerator/freezer, washed the exterior canvas and applied 303 Aerospace Protectant to the bimini, dodger and mainsail cover. Since the end of September, having a real problem with Starlings finding comfort on the masthead - every day - and leaving droppings literally all over the boat.  This is a really problem at Burnt Store Marina, to which we relocated in May.  We bought a small pressure washer to clean some of the pavers at our house, and it is the only way to get the decks and canvas free of bird shit.  We probably cleaned the deck four times during this period.  

Dec 21-26 - Our Christmas week cruise lasted only two days, when we discovered on leaving Pelican Bay the morning of the 22nd that the alternator was not charging the battery under engine power. Called Smitty (Smith's Marine Service) at 10:00, and he agreed to come down to BSM and look at the situation around noon.  We sailed back to BSM and pulled in our slip at 11:30.  Smitty arrived as promised and checked the charging system for alternator/regulator failure.  Disconnected load-tested batteries.  Did some adjustments to the wiring of the regulator and, while we got it charging at 5 amps or so, the alternator was running almost 250-300 F, much too hot.  So we agreed to replace it.  Got one on Christmas Eve, and Smitty replaced it and tested the system on Dec 26th. Too late to go back out and continue our sail, but we'll reschedule for a week or two in January. Invoice #287 dated 12/29/2015.

Dec 21-23 - A mouse apparently got aboard while we were loading provisions aboard the boat had the hatches open on Sunday, Dec 20th or when we readied for departure on Monday, Dec 21st.  I found mouse droppings on the galley counters when I got up Tuesday morning, Dec 22nd, and found a lot in the cockpit as well.  When we returned that morning to BSM, I dug up a trap we'd used a couple of year's before.  That night, we stayed on the boat (hoping Smitty could find an alternator the next morning), and I set out the trap on the counter and put up our screen hatch covers. In the morning, while the trap was untouched, the little devil had gnawed his we out of the boat through the screen hatch cover. I've left the trap out, but I think the mouse was just an overnight visitor.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Maintenance and upgrades, 2014 ...

General - Monthly wash-down and bottom cleaning.

Mar 13 - Wash and polish by Slippery When Wet (Denise Stanco).

Apr 26 - Head clogged.  Replaced flapper valve and joker valve.  Found a bit of toilet paper in the old joker valve.  Got good flow through the system, but there is a clog in the line after the joker valve.  Tried snaking it, but could not clear it.  Have to replace the line, which is probably calcified so much that the toilet paper a guest on the boat flushed through blocked it completely.

Apr 29-30 - Met Jeff Copeland, Skipper Marine, at the boat at 10:00 on the 20th to help me with the head problem.  We agreed it was calcium build-up in the lines, and Jeff pulled out the old lines and pulled off the vented loop, which is accessed by removing a panel behind the sink.  Lots of calcium build-up in the line from the toilet to the vented loop, a lot of gunge in the vented loop so it was clogged and was not venting, and less gunge in the line from the vented loop to the Y-valve.

Calcified elbow fitting, which connects toilet pump to exit hose.  The                Vented loop located behind the head sink, to which is connected
hose inside circumference was reduced by half.                                                      a brass venting tube that takes odors outside.

     Vent connection at top of vented loop, obviously clogged so no air and 
     thus odor could escape outside through the vent.

On the 30th, we cleaned the vented loop and installed new hoses and fittings.  Should last for a decade.

Apr 29-May 7 - Sanded and put two coats of Epifanes Wood Finish on the cockpit teak. 

May 7 - Troubleshot dinghy engine, which seemed to be running on just one cylinder.  Turned out that one plug wire and slipped off the plug.  Replaced plugs, which were pretty fouled, and engine is running smoothly.
    Replaced one of the salon fans with a new one.  All fans in the boat now running fine.

May 23 - Engine serviced by Certified Diesel & Marine Corp., Englewood, FL.  Replaced impeller, adjusted valves, replaced on Racor filter, final fuel filter, oil filter, and changed oil.

May 24 - Bottom cleaned for St. Pete trip.

July 1 - Wash and polish by Ohana Sailing Services (Jeff Grant).

Sep 10 - Spinnaker panel replaced by Advanced Sails, St. Petersburg, FL.

Oct 10-24 - Bottom cleaned and painted with Trinidad SR Red, hull zinc replaced, inlet hose on head raw water supply replaced, bilge pump inlet and discharge hoses replaced, and rigging inspected by Sailor's Wharf Yacht Yard, St. Petersburg, FL.

Dec 10 - Replaced Bottomsider cockpit cushions with new Bottomsiders.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Maintenance and upgrades, 2013

General - Monthly wash-down and monthly bottom cleaning.

Jan 27-Feb 1 - One week of applying two coats of Epifanes Wood Finish to the cockpit coaming, hatch covers and stern-pulpit seats.  Also replaced the primary CQR anchor with a new Spade anchor and moved the CQR into the secondary anchor spot, stowing the old secondary Delta anchor in the dock box.

Feb 24 - Jeff Grant washed and polished the boat for us. 

Mar 14 to Apr 19 - Alizee into Sailor's Wharf for a bottom job and some repairs in preparation for a trip to the Dry Tortugas, and to replace water hoses chewed by rats on board.  I also decided to splurge big-time and covert my primary and halyard winches to electric.  The years are starting to creep up on us, and cranking is not what it used to be!

1) Boat hauled, pressured washed and bottom and running gear (prop) painted with Petit hard copper.  New zincs installed
2) Rebedded two port lights on the port side (nearest the stern above the galley stove; 3rd light from stern at the bulkhead).  
3) Pull off and rebed the 3/4"-1" stainless rub rail on the starboard side.  Discovered screw holes underneath without screws in them and water in the holes, finally determining the source of water intrusion into the cabin interior when heeled on a port tack.  The forward half of this rub rail was damaged in a collision two and a half-years ago and replaced at a yard in Daytona.  

3) Disconnect, load test and reconnect the batteries. Good condition.
4) Service the Yanmar engine (fluids, valve adjustment, filters).
5) Reverse and restring the reef lines, which reversed when boat was in yard in 2012 (yard warranty).
6) Repair tank leak in forward water tank lid fasteners.
7) Troubleshoot galley faucet; install new Kohler faucet.

8) Replace fresh water hoses chewed by a rodent.  Majority of hoses replaced, from watermaker and cockpit shower to lines under cabin sole leading to front water tank and head sink.  During the process, it became clear that the exterminator from the Harborage Marina had not gotten the second rodent, which started in on a couple of the replaced lines.  The yard worked with the exterminator to put out traps and, finally, poison.  As of 17 April, the rat had one no more damage; smells in the bilge suggest it's died.  Left poison in place in several spots when the boat left the yard; watchful waiting thereafter.
9) Installed Lewmar electric halyard winch on cabin top, wired and constructed cabinet and trim to cover motor and wiring.
10) Prepped for installation of two Lewmar electric primary winches (conversion kits) by making panels to cover winch motors.  Unfortunately, this meant the loss of the two small storage cutouts under the primary winches, where we generally stowed the sheets.  On the port side, the fuel overflow and aft water tank overflows were moved from the storage cutout to the outside of the cockpit coaming.

Apr 20-22 - Prepping for three-week Dry Tortuga cruise.  Replaced burned out dome light over freezer in galley with an LED dome light.  Replaced suction hooks in various spots in the cabin.  Thoroughly cleaned the galley, refrigerator/freezer, cabin sole, settees, lights and head.  Vacuumed out locker where the rat had spent some time (left poison and a trap in there for the time being).  Straightened out the cockpit lockers and the lazarette.  Bilge pump has not gone off and no sign of the rat.

May 14-Jul 3 - Take Alizee back into Sailor's Wharf to complete work started before our Dry Tortuga cruise.

1) On trip we discovered that the batteries did not appear to be functioning as they did before boat was in the yard at the first of the year. The Link 20 monitor showed bank 1 (2 house batteries) holding charge, whereas bank 2 (single start battery) was carrying the load and going down fast.  Also appeared that Kiss Wind Generator was only charging bank 1.  Yard went through the system and determined one battery was bad, so replaced all three.

2) Installed new galley faucet.

3) Installed two electric primary winches and controls.  Cover panels fabricated for areas cut out for winch motors.

4) Replaced plexi-cover for engine controls.

5) Repaired wire damage to VHF remote microphone and wiring behind electrical panel.

6) Repaired section of steel rubrail.

7) Replaced water maker tubing damaged by rodent.

Sep 7 - Lippincott Canvas installed new dodger and new bimini, the latter with side sunshades.

Oct 18 -Wash and wax by Ohana Sailing (Jeff Grant).

Oct 28 - Northeast Marine replaced reverse lock pin and rod on dinghy motor and cleaned shifting gears.

Nov 19 - Re-certified one propane tank.

Nov 25 - David Weinstein (Professional Marine Services) met us on our return from a four-day cruise to trouble shoot our shore-power problem.  Although I was a bit embarrassed, it turned out to be a circuit breaker that had tripped, one that I did not even know existed.  But, in the process of trouble-shooting, David suggested that we replace some electrical units on the main panel, which were faulty.  We agreed, and he ordered the parts.  He also repaired the V-berth air fan, and I ordered a new air fan for the port side of the salon.

Dec 15 - Wash and polish by Slippery When Wet (Denise Stanco).

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maintenance and upgrades, 2012

15-16 Dec - Flushed the water maker and put another coat of Matt Chem Stopo sealer on the exterior teak.  Seems to be protecting the teak very well, with very little sign of greying.  Still unsure of it.  May varnish in January or February.
29 Oct-2 Nov - A week of boat chores.  Repaired adjustment button on Link 20; replaced Seagull water filter; cleaned interior drawers, shelves, sole, head and sump-pump, screens for port lights; polished stainless frames of port lights; installed new regulator on Magma grill.  Bob Creemer returned dinghy - looks like new, runs well.  Jeff Grant spent two days sanding grey off the teak caprail, dorades and eyebrows.  Applied two coats of Matt Chem Stopo sealer to the freshly sanded teak.  Tom at EverAfter Marine installed new radio/cd player which also receives SiriusXM and helped me trace some broken speaker wires.

19-20 Oct - Took Alizee out of "summer storage".  Removed extra lines used in hurricane prep, cleaned and started up refrigerator/freezer, thoroughly cleaned out the galley cabinets and put in new shelf liner, took off the bimini, cleaned it with Matt Chem Cotton Kline, used some Starbrite Mildew Stain Remover, rinsed thoroughly and then renewed it with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard, arranged to have dinghy motor tuned up, and did a dozen other little things.  Arranged for dinghy to be picked up, patched and cleaned and motor tuned.   

Jul/Sep - Put the dinghy in storage, shut down refrigerator for the summer months and made sure boat was secure at the slip.  Over the course of these two months, Jeff Grant of Ohana Sailing finished sanding the cap rail and getting off all the old Cetol.  He also cleaned, waxed and polished the hull and topsides, polished the stainless, and a oversaw repair of a gouge in the awl-grip hull, which we managed to incur on our second stay in Steinhatchee in May.  I was over once a month to run the water maker, make sure lines were secure, and generally keep an eye on things.

23 Mar - Yanmar engine service completed by Yacht Power Products, St. Petersburg.  Removed and replaced oil and fuel filters.  Replaced sea water pump impeller, replaced water hose to hot water heater, changed oil and inspected engine.  Invoice 54856.

22 Mar - Advanced Sails installed new batten cap, which had been back-ordered, on lower mainsail batten.

6-12 Mar - Worked on cockpit teak and rear pulpit seats.  Sanded, taped, two coats of primer (30% mineral spirits, 50% penetrol, 20% Epifanes high gloss wood finish), and four coats Epifanes thinned by 10% with Epifane thinner. 


10 Feb - Treated bimini, dodger and mainsail cover with 303 High-Tech Fabric Guard.  Treated dinghy with Aerospace Protectant.  Re-installed newly varnished cockpit table and cup holder.

15 Dec (2011) - 9 Feb - Alizee in Sailor’s Wharf boatyard for several repair items and a general 10-year maintenance survey.  Tasks performed:
   1. Running light cage on the bow pulpit.  Re-welded to repair damage incurred in the Chesapeake in a docking mishap in 2009.
   2. Kiss wind generator.  Disconnected and removed; disassembled and cleaned rust on inside of unit; replaced bearings, bearing seats, shaft seal and four machine screws; reassembled and reinstalled.
   3. Mainsail maintenance.  Removed mainsail and delivered to Advanced Sails for inspection and repairs, including re-stitching Velcro at batten pockets ends and re-stitching and repairing leech.  Batten cap on back order.
   4. Boom repair.  Removed boom, which was sent out to JSI in Tampa for repairs.  They cut out a bent section (about a foot), installed a sleeve and a new replacement section, welded it together, ground and filled it smooth and primed and painted the boom.  Spar is 15.75 feet long.
   5. Starboard leaking problem.  Checked inside and water tested from outside the chainplates, caprail, rubrail, cleat and chock, hand rails, mast rails ports, etc. – basically checked everything on the starboard side of the boat. Found and repaired a leak at the mast partner and at the port light above the Nav station, which was repaired by re-bedding the light.  Checked the other port lights and found no other leaks.  The cause of the salt water encroachment at the base of the starboard settee when on a port tack was not identified.  Will have to continue to watch it and try to spot the cause when underway.
   6. Starboard caprail repairs.  Extracted screws with broken heads, removed damaged chainplate covers and fabricated new, repaired damaged wood under chainplate covers, installed new covers, removed damaged ½” SS half-round caprail guard on forward section and installed new.  This damage was incurred in 2010 on the ICW when a marker unexpectedly jumped out in front of Alizee.  
   7. Winches.  Fully serviced all winches, replacing pawls and springs as necessary.
   8. Sanitation hoses, vents and macerator.  Inspected all hoses, replaced macerator discharge hose and macerator and replaced holding tank vent hose and fittings.  The T-fitting that ties the head into the holding tank vent hose (located in the bulkhead behind the head) was totally blocked with corrosion.
   9. Fresh water system.  Inspected all hoses and determined they did not need replacement.  Repaired leak at the water pump which had resulted from an original fitting w/ an O-ring that did not come with the existing pump. Replaced the pump with a Jabsco pump, relocated the accumulator and straightened out the hoses under the galley sink in general.  Replaced the exterior cockpit shower head.
  10. Inverter.  Troubleshot inverter to determine why it was not functioning.  Determined the control panel at the Nav station was defective and replaced it with a new panel.
  11. Awlgrip repairs.  Touched up dings, nicks and abrasions at starboard side and port stern with Awlgrip G5002 (Flag Blue).
  12. Standing and running rigging.  Inspected standing and running rigging, replaced jib sheets with (2) 9/16" x 70' SECO South line and replaced roller furling lines for jib and staysail.  The standing rigging looked fine. The rigging has swage fittings on the mast and Norseman fittings at deck level. The spreaders and mast tangs also looked good.
  13. Mast partner.  Cleaned up underside of mast partner and cleaned and resealed mast partner above deck, stopping the leakage there.
  14. Steering cables and assembly.  Checked and tightened the cables, which had some slack in them.
  15. Stuffing box.  Checked and adjusted.
  16. Motor mounts and shaft alignment.  The port forward motor mount stud was sheered off. This was the result of the forward mounts being installed and then having to be spread apart to fit the engine. The mounts should be straight up and down. The engine beds are inward angled sections of fiberglass. The aft bolt on the broken mount was not accessible without lifting the engine, which made the repair very time consuming compared to replacing a mount that is lagged in from the top. The forward mounts were re-drilled to fit the engine properly, then re-bolted.  New mount from Mastry Engine Center, St. Petersburg.  After the motor mount was replaced, the engine was .0300 out of alignment. The aft mounts had to be shifted to the side to bring the shaft and transmission into alignment. Once this was done, then the angle of the engine on the beds could be aligned. The final alignment was within .0035.
  17. Propane system.  Inspected and found propane solenoid switch and pigtail hose badly corroded – replaced. Repaired illuminated switch on Galley Panel.
  18. Through-hulls inspected and found in good shape.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maintenance and upgrades, 2011

Jan 11-16 - Took Alizee to the Sevens Seas Marina, Port Orange, where John Marrocco, Mobile Marine Repairs, did a bottom job with Trinidad 75 antifouling paint.  Did a nice job, including cleaning, sanding and painting the prop as well and install a new collar zinc on the shaft and a DP2 plate zinc on the port stern hull.  I also had him replace a damaged area of the 1" stainless hollow back rub rail on the starboard side.   Could have gotten the boat back on Saturday afternoon except that the tides were too low to launch her, so went over early Sunday and helped the crew launched her.  We had to disconnect the forestay roller furler to get her on the travel lift, and we had a bit of a time getting it back in place.  Highly recommend the yard and the staff, and Morrocco is a really careful and thorough sailboat mechanic ... and a surveyor as well.

Feb 16-Mar 3 - Preparing Alizee for a month-long cruise to Tampa Bay.  I hired our boat neighbor Jon Amsden in December to clean and polish the hull and topsides, and he's continued helping me by stripping the old Cetak finish off the teak eyebrows and cap rails and giving them a sanding.  We're going to leave them unfinished for now, perhaps varnishing them once we're in St. Petersburg.
    Meantime, we've cleaned the interior, inspected and checked out the winches, rigging, windlass and other tackle topside, launched the dinghy and made sure the dinghy motor runs properly, shopped for provisions and stowed them properly on board, and done other numerous little things to get Alizee ready to depart.
    Feb 16 - Had J.R. Gassett at Cutter Doc Mobile Marine Service in New Smyna Beach do a full service on Alizee's Yanmar diesel - valve adjustment, new impeller, fuel and oil filters.  I usually do the oil and filter changes, but I believe it's a good idea to have someone who really knows the engine tune it up annually. They usually do a better job on valve adjustments and such than I can accomplish, and often find little things I'd miss.  J.R., for example, found some potential clogging in the air filter that I certainly didn't see until it was pointed out.
    Feb 26-28 - Wes Malone of Pro-Boat pulled out macerator, took it into the shop and replaced the impeller.  Reinstalled it and it worked fine ... for a couple of minutes, then stopped pumping.  Took it out again and into the shop, thinking perhaps the impeller was faulty.  The impeller was faulty and a second new one was installed. It appears to be working fine on installation.
    Mar 1 - Bottom cleaning by Pro-Boat and fuel polished by Cutter Doc Mobile Marine.

Mar 22 - Repaired roller furling forestay with new pinion at foot.  The cotter pin had failed and the pinion fell out while crossing from Key West to Fort Meyers Beach.  No serious damage appears to have been done to the furler.  Work completed by Olsen Marine Services, Fort Meyers Beach, in just about one hour.

6 Apr - Bottom cleaning by Sunfish Marine.

20 Apr - Rob Mundell, True North Sails, inspected the forestay connections at the mast top and the roller furling system.  No problems observed.

21 Apr - Cleaned out and remounted exterior fixture on head vent, which had become so corroded it did not vent anything.  Replaced a leaking half inch fresh water hose under the galley sink.  Changed the oil and filter on the engine at 114.1 hours of service.  Total engine hours: 2397.7.

28-29 Apr - General work days on Alizee, drying out and flaking sails and covering them, a thorough cleaning below decks, replacing a couple of dock lines, repairing some bad cracks on the Bottomsiders and cleaning all the stainless steel with a new brush-on, wash-off product called Spotless Stainless.  This is an excellent product and it works exactly as advertised!

29 Apr - Replaced the coaxial cable running from the antenna to the Sirius Weather system unit.  A nick in the cable probably caused by a fish holder cutting the cable covering, caused a permanent signal failure.  It was a bit of a job pulling a replacement cable, but working together Ron of Everafter Marine and I managed to get it done.  He also made some adjustments to my ST6000 autopilot.

31 May-1 Jun - Washed down and generally cleaned boat after five days sailing and on the hook. Repaired SSB antenna with a new splice in the antenna line and replaced the antenna tie-down cleat with a new one.
    Arranged with Jeff Grant, Ohana Sailing Services, to complete stripping the old Cetol off the exterior teak and finish preparing the teak for varnishing.  Also talked with him and with Ron Bruhn, Sunfish Sailing, about a waxing and washing maintenance program.  Finally, drove over to Salt Creek boatyard and talked with Jim Bradford about repairing the 1/2" round stainless along the starboard caprail and repairing a serious dent in the boom.  Will arrange to take Alizee to a slip at the yard later this month.  Flushed out water maker.

27 Jun-28 Jun - Removed Genoa and staysail and delivered to Keith Donaldson at Advanced Sails to replace sunbrella along the sail leach of each.  Took the dinghy down from the davits and took it round into Salt Creek and put it in dry storage for the next three or four months of hurricane season.  Finalized deal with Jeff Grant to work on the teak and wax and polish Alizee over the next month or so.  Flushed out water maker.

22-23 Jul - Jeff Grant completed full wash down, waxing and polishing.  Flushed water-maker.

22-23 Aug - Hurricane preparation for possibility of Hurricane Irene.  Doubled all lines, added lines on port side, supported topping lift with mainsail halyard, added two fenders to starboard side, put Jacob's Ladder on mainsail, opened up dodger window and cleaned and took in seat cushions.  Flushed water-maker.

14-17 Oct - Picked up sails from Advanced sails and put them up.  Removed storm lines, picked up dinghy from storage and raised on davits, cleaned lockers fore and aft, filled forward water tank, cleaned out food lockers (bugs in dry locker), picked up CP for head at West Marine, filled spare propane tank, cleaned and vacuumed interior, defrosted refrigerator/freezer, cleaned BBQ, had new zipper installed on binnacle canvas cover at Lippincott Canvas in St. Pete, washed down topsides.

3-13 Oct - Took hatch cover screens home to strip old varnish on side exposed to the sun and apply four coats Epifanes satin varnish.  Returned them to boat for cruise on 14 Oct.

24-28 Oct - Jeff Grant worked on stripping old Cetol off exterior teak.

7 Nov - End of ten-day cruise.  Replaced filter element on Seagull IV fresh water filter, added quart of oil to engine (total hours = 2423.2; hours since last oil change = 43.6), thoroughly washed down boat. 

8-19 Nov - Took hatch cover screens home and applied three more coats of varnish.  Cut, sanded, glued and varnished cockpit table support pieces.

26-27 Nov - Cleaned the AC sea strainer.  Rebuilt PHRKIIC Raritan head.  Choker valve and flapper valve completely gone and clogged with lime.  In process lime residue was sucked through shower sump line, clogging both the strainer and the line.  Next day spent a couple of hours disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the shower sump line and strainer.

28 Nov - Met with Erik Hausch, Sailor's Wharf boat yard manager, and went of list of items needing repair and inspection on Alizee and arranged to take boat in on 14 Dec.  I'm thinking of this as the 90,000 mile maintenance, and items on the list include:
  1. Repair boom or replace.  The existing spar is 15.75 feet long.
  2. Locate and repair leaks on starboard chainplate(s).  Focus on the forward chainplate which probably needs resetting and sealing.
  3. Replace 1/2" SS 1/2-round guard on forward portion of caprail from chainplate to bow.  Also, as part of this, extract screws in caprail with heads broken off.  Patch the teak cap rail if possible.
  4. Replace the damaged chainplate aluminum caps (2 on the starboard side; 1 on the port)
  5. Service all winches.
  6. Replace sanitation hoses (as needed) and vent hose and vent hardware if needed.
  7. Repair macerator, repositioning if necessary.
  8. Replace fresh water hoses.  Replace outside shower head.
  9. Repair fresh water pump and/or accumulator.
10. Repair inverter.
11. Touch up hull on starboard side and port stern with Awlgrip G 5002 (Flag Blue).
12. Inspect standing rigging and running rigging, and recommend needed replacements.
13. Put new bearings in KISS wind generator.
14. Repair/replace SS cage around bow navigation lights.
15. Tidy up the mast seal.
16. Inspect and lubricate steering cables.
17. Inspect engine shaft and adjust stuffing box.
18. Do a general survey of mechanical parts, thru-hulls, etc. and recommend any needed repairs or replacements.
19. Have Advanced Sails inspect and make any minor repairs to main sail while the boom's being repaired.

29-30 Nov - Jeff Grant finished stripping old Cetol off exterior teak.  After Alizee is out of the boat yard, we'll sand and varnish ... sometime in early 2012.

1 Dec - Removed cockpit table and cup holder and took home to renew varnish and install table support pieces.

14 Dec - Jeff Grant and I took Alizee into Sailor's Wharf boat yard.  See 2012 maintenance record for work completed.