Sunday, April 27, 2014

Maintenance and upgrades, 2014 ...

General - Monthly wash-down and bottom cleaning.

Mar 13 - Wash and polish by Slippery When Wet (Denise Stanco).

Apr 26 - Head clogged.  Replaced flapper valve and joker valve.  Found a bit of toilet paper in the old joker valve.  Got good flow through the system, but there is a clog in the line after the joker valve.  Tried snaking it, but could not clear it.  Have to replace the line, which is probably calcified so much that the toilet paper a guest on the boat flushed through blocked it completely.

Apr 29-30 - Met Jeff Copeland, Skipper Marine, at the boat at 10:00 on the 20th to help me with the head problem.  We agreed it was calcium build-up in the lines, and Jeff pulled out the old lines and pulled off the vented loop, which is accessed by removing a panel behind the sink.  Lots of calcium build-up in the line from the toilet to the vented loop, a lot of gunge in the vented loop so it was clogged and was not venting, and less gunge in the line from the vented loop to the Y-valve.

Calcified elbow fitting, which connects toilet pump to exit hose.  The                Vented loop located behind the head sink, to which is connected
hose inside circumference was reduced by half.                                                      a brass venting tube that takes odors outside.

     Vent connection at top of vented loop, obviously clogged so no air and 
     thus odor could escape outside through the vent.

On the 30th, we cleaned the vented loop and installed new hoses and fittings.  Should last for a decade.

Apr 29-May 7 - Sanded and put two coats of Epifanes Wood Finish on the cockpit teak. 

May 7 - Troubleshot dinghy engine, which seemed to be running on just one cylinder.  Turned out that one plug wire and slipped off the plug.  Replaced plugs, which were pretty fouled, and engine is running smoothly.
    Replaced one of the salon fans with a new one.  All fans in the boat now running fine.

May 23 - Engine serviced by Certified Diesel & Marine Corp., Englewood, FL.  Replaced impeller, adjusted valves, replaced on Racor filter, final fuel filter, oil filter, and changed oil.

May 24 - Bottom cleaned for St. Pete trip.

July 1 - Wash and polish by Ohana Sailing Services (Jeff Grant).

Sep 10 - Spinnaker panel replaced by Advanced Sails, St. Petersburg, FL.

Oct 10-24 - Bottom cleaned and painted with Trinidad SR Red, hull zinc replaced, inlet hose on head raw water supply replaced, bilge pump inlet and discharge hoses replaced, and rigging inspected by Sailor's Wharf Yacht Yard, St. Petersburg, FL.

Dec 10 - Replaced Bottomsider cockpit cushions with new Bottomsiders.


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