Thursday, January 21, 2016

Maintenance and upgrades, 2016

General - Monthly wash-down, bottom cleaning and water-maker flushing.

Jan 20-22 - Prepare boat for five day trip.  Everything in good shape except fresh water pump, which I discovered running continuously but pumping no to little water.  Could only shut off at electrical panel.  The pump is a Jabsco Par Max 3.5, model #3260-00092.  West Marine did not have one ins stock and said it was special order and would take at least a week.  At Amazon I found one available for overnight delivery via Amazon Prime, which delivered on 22 January.  Installed it.  Cleaned out strainer on shower sump pump.

Early March - I found and patched a leak in the dinghy, and figured a way to secure her on the davits so that straps did not rub against the tubes.

22 Mar - The dinghy seems to be losing air again.  I tested it and found a tiny leak where I'd patched it, so that needs to be fixed.  We also noticed bad chafing on the topping lift and decided it was time to replace some of our running rigging and check out the standing rigging.  A good time as well to fix the wind indicators at mast top.

26 Mar - Met Ray Bradford, South Coast Rigging in Punta Gorda, at Alizee, and we agreed to do some line replacement, fix the wind indicators, put up some mast-top spikes to deter the Ospreys from landing there, and he inspected the upper portion of the back stay.  It had a lot of rust, and I agreed to have him replace it.

9 Apr and Apr 12 - Ray Bradford installed new running rigging: main halyard (1/2" sta set), boom vang (7/16" sta set), stay sail sheets (1/2" sta set), traveler lines (1/2" sta set), and flag halyards (1/4" sta set white). Replaced Raymarine wind instrument with refurbished one, and used new wind indicator, which I supplied from an on-line purchase.

6 May - Replaced upper portion of the back stay with 5/16 1 X 19 wire, 5/16 marine eyes swage fittings, and rotary swaging.  Invoice 033119T, 9 May 2016.

30 Aug - Replaced UV cover on Genoa at Sail Repair Fort Myers.

12 Nov - Replaced 2008 Walker Bay Genesis inflatable boat with new Walker Bay 270 SLR inflatable. Not as fancy, but lighter and perfect for the sort of coastal sailing we're doing now. Purchased at Inflatable Boats of Florida, Naples.

2 Dec - Replaced 150' 5/16" G4 anchor chain with 125' 5/16" G4 chain.  Replaced West Marine Group 31 batteries -- installed by Sailor's Wharf in July 2013 -- with X2 Power, Group 31M, deep cycle, dual purpose batteries from Batteries Plus.
     Finally discovered our long-time battery problem.  When Sailor's Wharf replaced the batteries in 2013, they reattached the sensor wire that originally connected to the two house batteries to the start battery.  I discovered the problem when looking at a photograph of the original battery configuration from 2010.  So, we'd been reading the battery monitor not realizing it was showing inaccurate data.


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